Sage College has been preparing industry leading court reporters for over 40 years!

Throughout its history, Sage College's on-campus and online court reporting schools have consistently produce top-notch professionals and industry leaders who have achieved a diversity of careers throughout the court reporting profession.

Whether you choose the online court reporting program or our Southern California campus, your success is the ultimate goal at Sage College. We will guide you every step of the way; from admissions to earning your diploma or degree as you begin your career as a court reporting professional.

Sage College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. The Sage College court reporting program is approved by NCRA - National Court Reporters Association; CRB - Court Reporters Board of California; WIA - Workforce Investment Act and the VA - Veterans Administration.


National Court Reporters Association Representative and California Deposition Reporters Association Past President Kristi Johnson, CSR, CCRR, CLR is a Sage College graduate!


"Want to make six figures and set your own schedule?"

CNBC details a 'Crisis in Court Reporting.'

"A six figure job." 

 - Forbes Magazine

"Best court reporters can average $105,000."


 "Court reporters earn $89,440 - $95,680"

- San Diego Union Tribune

 "A $100K career!"


 "A top 50 career."

- U.S. News and World Report

One freelance court reporter earned over $200,000!

- Hutchings salary data



According to estimates, only 28 percent of court reporters actually work inside a courtroom. Many reporters operate on a freelance basis doing legal depositions or providing captioning services from a home office. Others work in television and educational settings or at private business meetings. 

The Sage College court reporting program trains you to work in the following occupations: court reporter, court stenographer, deposition reporter, hearing reporter, statement reporter, convention reporter, broadcast captioner, realtime reporter and more. Think flexibility!


Our students know Sage College best:

Even though I’m 1,700 miles away, I have never felt that distance at any point during my online court reporting educational experience...


An online court reporting program for 'real life.'

The Sage College online court reporting program is built for students like Caley whose responsibilities extend far beyond the classroom.

Our online court reporting program is self-paced and includes 100% class-time flexibility with both live and recorded classes and an online dictation practice lab. On-campus, we offer state-of-the-art practice labs and flexible hours.

All students are fully supported with one-on-one mentoring!

"So what's up with the machine anyway?"

We hear this question a lot (and love it every time). The "machine" is a steno writer! Steno writing is the skill fundamental to the court reporting profession. 

This video provides an outstanding explanation of what steno writing is!

court-reporting-why-sage-college copy.jpg

Why Sage College Court Reporting School?

Sage College court reporting school is owned and operated by a California Certified Shorthand Reporter!

Sage College on-campus and online court reporting schools has trained court reporters for over 40 years.

Sage College on-campus and online court reporting school is approved by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).

We offer 100% class time flexibility for all online court reporting students!

You will benefit from the Sage College Online Mentoring Program. Each online student is assigned to a seasoned professional who provides weekly, one-to-one guidance throughout the Sage College educational experience!

Financial Aid for campus-based and online court reporting programs is available to those who qualify.

The Sage College court reporting program offers staff and instructor stability and longevity - some have been with us over 20 years!

Preparation for the NCRA,  RPR Exam (Registered Professional Reporter) is part of the Sage College curriculum.

Sage College on-campus and online court reporting school offers more 4-Voice live dictation than any other school. We prepare you for the real world profession!

We offer on-campus and online court reporting  career counseling!

We're passionate about court reporting!


"I Passed!"

Sage College court reporting student Amanda passed the state exam!

(You can do it too...we'll help you every step of the way!)


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